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Ann is an artist living & working in Saltaire. She began to paint and to create at a very young age.

With this start Ann went on to complete a foundation course in art in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and a Graphic Design Diploma at Bradford College.

Ann loves urban landscapes and architecture, colour, and a sense of fun is important in her work. She loves to celebrate the richness of Saltaire and Bradford and has produced a large collection of watercolours which are for sale through our Gallery.

Ann is also a textile artist and after years of making paintings, drawings and textile creations she is now recycling them! She's not even afraid to cut up precious pieces so new work can emerge.

Ann has said she would love to work in a collaborative relationship with other artists and makers and possibly in the theatre world or illustration.

Her inspiration to create comes from having a sense of wonder which borders on childlike enthusiasm for stories, whimsy and the vibrant colourful world we live in.


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